Main window - Logic Pro X

Author: sleepfreaks

Logic_About the main window

When we create a new project, the main window pops up.
We can see the major working areas of Logic Pro in the main window.

We don’t need to learn a lot of knobs, and buttons in Logic pro for this article.
The focus will be to learn the minimum necessary skills in the main window.



We can view and edit parameters for regions, tracks, and other items in the various inspector regions.
If the inspector does not appear on Logic pro, Press the 「I」key.

2_Track header overview

The tracks we created will line up vertically.

3_Tool selection

This is important to use in Logic Pro.
We are going to show you how to use each tool.
Our focus will be on changing the tools for the time being.


When we play a track in logic, we can see that the screen transitions from left to right.


We can use the transport buttons in the control bar to control playback or to set the play position.