Essential latency adjustments - Logic Pro: How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

What is latency?

This describes the delay in the actual played sound and the playback on your sound system.
This problem occurs when playing on a MIDI keyboard, or when recording an instrument/vocals.

How much delay is there? This depends largely on your computer’s specs,
but 0 latency is theoretically impossible, and there will always be some sort of playback delay present.

When this delay becomes noticeable, it becomes a hindrance to your recording,
and makes it difficult to play at peak performance.

Logic contains functions that help lower the amount of delay.

Adjusting latency in Logic X

Go to the Top Menu →「Logic」→「System Preferences」→「Audio」

Edit the 「Device」tab →「I/O Buffer size」 to around 「64~256」.

※ If the 「buffer size」 is set too low,
the strain on the computer increases, and can lead to crashes/stopping.
Please find a good middle ground that fits your computer’s specs.

If you are experiencing delay, try adjusting the 「buffer size」,
and enjoy a smoother recording!