Create projects - Logic Pro X

Author: sleepfreaks

Launch Logic Pro X

In order to compose a track, we must first launch the installed Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro X の情報

Double click the Logic Pro X icon to launch it.

Create a project in Logic Pro X

「What is a “project”?」

A song is called a project in a DAW.
There is no project set-up when first opening, so we must first start a new project.

Select File→New to open a new project.
We can see some templates provided; we can also add to the my templates folder.

For this scenario, we will choose Empty Project.


Save projects

When we save a project in Logic Prox, our recordings and all the changes we make are saved with the project.

If we close the project without saving, we lose all of our hard work.

To save the project, choose File → Save.


The first time we save a new project, the Save dialog appears.
In the Save dialog, we can type a name; choose the location to save the project.

5_Save a Project

  • 1_Saving a project to Desktop for easy access
  • 2_Saves the files as a bundled package
  • 3_We recommend checking all of the project files, which make it easier to collaborate and file-share with others

Load projects

To load a project, double-click the project file.
Then, we can compose the music from previous save.

6_Choose a Project