iLok – Registration/sign up

Author: sleepfreaks

New registration

「iLok」allows you to organize different software registrations,
and is used to help prevent illegal reproduction of a software.

Plug the iLok into the USB port to use it, and open various softwares.
Because it uses little power, it can be used with a USB hub as well.

Some softwares require this「iLok」, and because the licensing process has changed, we will take a look at how to do this.

Creating an account


From here go to the iLok website and click「Create Free Account」.


We will start at the top.

  • User ID : This is the iLok users account name. You can’t have the same name as another user.
    Because you will frequently use it when registering software, be sure to write it down somewhere safe.
  • First Name : your name!
  • Last Name : your last name!
  • Company : Enter your company or leave it blank.
  • Email Address : Be sure not to type any mistakes
  • Confirm Email : Be sure to enter the same email address as above
  • Password : This is used to log in. Be sure to write it down somewhere safe
  • Verify Password : Enter the same password again
    (Below is the information required if you forget your user ID/password)

  • Date of Birth : Be sure to enter correctly
  • Security Question : Select a question
  • Security Answer : Enter an answer

That’s it!
After filling in the form, a confirmation email will be sent to the selected email address.
※this may take some time

Licensing a product


First, access the 「iLok」site, and download the correct software for your operation.

After download, install in the same way as a regular software.

  • Mac : Application folder
  • Windows : Program folder

↑ The software will be installed in the following locations.

2

Open the software and login.
Click「Sign In」shown in red.


Enter the「User ID」and「Password」selected previously.

Some registration steps will differ depending on the software.

Serial number entry type


Click the「○○I」mark like shown above.
Simply enter the serial number to finish the registration.

Product site registration type

iLok-ID 2

Enter your iLok「User ID」,
in the product page of the software maker.

SSL Duende Native Drumstrip-iLok-license-manager-1

The purchased software will come up.
Plug your iLok into your computer and
「drag & drop」the software license to finish the registration.

Licenses can be transferred


  • 1 – Select the iLok that contains the license
  • 2 – Select the license you want to transfer
  • 3 – Drag and drop to another iLok

iLok – Caution

※ Be sure that your iLok is connected to your USB port BEFORE opening your software.

※iLok can be considered for repair/refund from below:

※There is an iLok「1」and「2」, with softwares that recently only run on「2」.
For those who are looking to purchase an iLok, be sure to purchase「2」.