Raising vocal recording quality – Reflection filters

Author: sleepfreaks

To further upgrade your vocal recordings

In important way to improve your sound:
that is to get the best sound possible during the recording process.

This is especially true with the「vocal track」,
which can make or break your track with its quality.


Some may think that putting「EQ and Comp」after recording will solve all their problems.

The truth is that you must have a proper recording,
or spend too much time trying to make up for it.

By setting up a high quality recording from the beginning,
the rest of the editing can be spent enhancing this sound.

The difference in quality will be substantial.

Preventing room reflection with a reflection filter

To record with a high quality sound:

  • beware of AC and other external sounds
  • raise the mic/preamp levels
  • proper mic angle and recording direction

The「reflections in the room」are also important points.

Vocals reflect off of the walls, floor, ceiling, and the mic picks up all of these sounds,
adding「unnecessary frequencies」and「unwanted tails」to the sound.

Removing these with「EQ and Comp」is incredibly difficult.

What helps prevent these sounds is:


a「reflection filter」.
It absorbs the sound, and prevents reflections.

It is simply placed around the mic, seeming like a simple contraction,
but you will hear a significant difference when used.

We highly recommend it for those who are looking to increase their vocal recording quality.

Keeping gain reduction in mind and recording automation

Applying compression during the recording process