New Subscription Packages!! Loopcloud 5 - New Features

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Original Samples are Cloud Compatible in the Paid Version

Loopcloud 5

The sample material organization software “Loopcloud 4” has evolved and upgraded into the new “Loopcloud 5”.
In addition to the previous free version, there are 3 paid plans (subscriptions) that have been released.

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You can create tracks choosing from over a million sounds in Loopcloud’s servers.
Here we will be taking a look at the new functions and various plans available for Loopcloud 5.

Loopcloud 5 Video Access

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Use 1 Million+ Samples to Make Tracks – Even Download Them

Including samples for free/paid subscriptions, Loopcloud’s server contains over a million samples.

One precaution: Even if using a paid subscription, this does not automatically give you access to all of the sounds/samples on Loopcloud.
Only the free samples are included, and the number of free samples that you can download in a day depends on your subscription.

The number of samples that can be downloaded daily by plan are as follows:

  • Free Plan : 5 samples a day
  • Artist Plan : 10 samples a day
  • Studio Plan : 20 samples a day
  • Professional Plan : 50 samples a day

In addition, there are special sounds prepared for the paid subscription plans as well.

Finding Downloadable Material

Loopcloud Free

Enter “Free” into the search box and click the displayed tag.

Loopcloud free-1

As seen you can find materials that can be used for free.


You can find a package you like and click the “Free” tag to access them as well.

Using Paid Sound Samples

Purchase points with your card and use these points to download and use paid samples.

Loopcloud By Points

Click on the point icon on the top right, and purchase points from the window that is displayed.

Loopcloud buy sound

A useful feature is the ability to purchase materials individually, rather than having to buy the full sample package.
The sound shown in the image can be purchased for 2 points, and by clicking, it will instantly be added to your samples.

In addition, these points are added on monthly depending on your subscription plan.

  • Free Plan : No points
  • Artist Plan : 100 points
  • Studio Plan : 300 points
  • Professional Plan : 600 points

Saving Your Original Samples in the Cloud

A service that allows users to save their original sounds on the cloud is available for paid subscribers in Loopcloud 5.
By uploading your samples into Loopcloud, you can access and use your own samples without using disk space on your computer.

The amount of space that can be used on the cloud is as follows:

  • Free Plan : None
  • Artist Plan : Up to 5GB
  • Studio Plan : Up to 50GB
  • Professional Plan : Up to 250GB

Please be aware that the cloud features require having an internet connection

Uploading Sounds to the Cloud

Loopcloud Sample

Click “Add Samples” and select the sound folder you want to add.

Copy 1 folder to cloud storage

The added folder will be displayed. Drag & drop the folder into “Cloud Storage used”.
Click “OK” to begin the upload.

After uploading is complete, you can access your sounds and download/use them from anywhere via an internet connection.
This is a great feature that allows you to free up space on your computer as well.


This is a screen on another computer.
We can see that the samples are reflected here, and can be instantly accessed.

Remove from storage

There are limits to the uploaded samples for each plan as shown above.
To delete an unwanted sample, right click the folder and select “Remove from storage”.

Using Loopcloud on Multiple Computers

You may want to access Loopcloud from your home, studio, and laptop on the go.
Of course, you can access Loopcloud from multiple different computers and the available sounds will be synced.

The number of computers that can be used depends on the subscription.

  • Free Plan : 2 computers
  • Artist Plan : 2 computers
  • Studio Plan : 2 computers
  • Professional Plan : 4 computers

Maximum 8 Track Multi Editor

You can layer up to 8 tracks of sample materials to create a track.
It’s a great function that allows you to quickly and effectively put together tracks.

Loopcloud Track

Click each track and simply place the sounds you want to use.
The tempo will be auto synced, and each track can be edited individually as well.

Loopcloud Tracks

You can adjust the volume of each track and solo playback as well.
In addition, the number of tracks that can be used depends on the subscrition plan.

  • Free Plan : 2 tracks
  • Artist Plan : 8 tracks
  • Studio Plan : 8 tracks
  • Professional Plan : 8 tracks

Adding Effects to Materials

Though this feature is only found in the paid versions, you can apply effects to sample sounds.
This allows you to quickly create the ideal sound for your project.

  • Free Plan : Unavailable
  • Artist Plan : Available
  • Studio Plan : Available
  • Professional Plan : Available

Loopcloud FX

Click “FX EDIT” and add effects from “+”.
In addition to spacial effects like delay/reverb, filters, reverse/tape-stop style special effects are also available.

Effect range

Another great feature is the ability to drag the span to designate where the effect is applied.

2 VST/AU Instruments PLAY/DRUM


2 VST/AU compatible instruments have been released as well: software synth “PLAY” / drum instrument “DRUM”.
These two instruments can be downloaded and used for free as well.

Follow this link to download.

Logic Pro X Drum

As seen it can be opened as an instrument in your DAW.
Though it contains various samples that can be used for free, you can purchase preset sounds for PLAY/DRUM from Loopcloud 5 as well.


Select PLAY/DRUM from “FORMATS” to narrow down the results.

Show in store

Presets will be displayed as shown. Of course, these sounds can be previewed as well.
When you find a sound that you like, right click on it and select “Show in store”.

Loopcloud Drum

Click “Buy Pack” to purchase it.

Click reload

Click reload in the instrument after purshasing it.

preset drum

The purchased preset will be displayed and can be used right away.

How to Use Loopcloud

We have taken a look at sound editing in “Loopcloud 4”.
Please check out the video below:

Loopcloud 4 Basic Functions

Reading Samples from Loopcloud 4 / How to Edit

We hope you enjoyed this article.

Though Loopcloud 4 was already a powerful sample organizing software, new features and functions have made this version even more powerful than it’s predecessor.
There is a free version as well as a 30 day trial of the subscription version so please try it out for your next project!

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