Kontakt 5 – 7. Using effects

Author: sleepfreaks

Polishing your sounds with Kontakt’s effects

Previously, we focused on importing and placing audio samples in Kontakt;
we will now focus on applying effects to those samples.

Access Kontakt videos

  1. 1Main window
  2. 2Placing and editing samples
  3. 3Using effects(Current article)
  4. 4Modulation
  5. 6Practice making jingles!
  6. 7Individual outputs

Video key point – Accessing effects

By clicking and holding on the slot area, you can choose effects.
You can add a maximum of 8 effects.

Video key point – Spacial effects

You can add spacial effects like “reverb” and “delay” from these two areas.

Video key point – Bypassing effects

You can bypass effects by clicking the “B” on the upper left of the effect.
The light will go off signaling that the effect has been “bypassed.”

By clicking again, the effect will be applied again (not bypassed).