Electri6ity 1 – Trigger keys & power chords

Author: sleepfreaks

Phenomenal sounds with Electri6ity

“Electri6ity” allows you to do what is often considered difficult and troublesome;
sequencing electric guitar sounds at a very high quality.

We will discuss how to use “Electri6ity” across the course of these articles.

For our first article we will focus on guitar playing using the key switch.

This softsynth allows you to create complicated guitar playing easily,
and stands a savior for those who dont play guitar.

Electri6ity Video access

  1. 1Trigger keys & power chords*Current article
  2. 2Sound and strum sequencing
  3. 3Sequencing a guitar solo 〜part 1〜
  4. 4Sequencing a guitar solo 〜part 2〜
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Video key point – Guitar voicing

By changing “Fretboard,” you can change the voicing (harmony) of the guitar.
The voicing is set to optimal positions on the guitar. 

Video key point – Using trigger keys

By using the “trigger keys” shown in red,
you can easily recreate realistic guitar sounds.

After entering the chords you want in the blue keys,
use the “trigger keys.”

  • F5 : Down stroke  F#5 : Up stroke
  • G5 : Half muted (down)  G#5 : Half muted (up)
  • C6 : Muted (down)  C#6 : Muted (up)
  • D6 : Percussive (no pitch)(down)  D#6 : Percussive (no pitch)(up)

We have entered data as shown, and will continue onto sequencing.

※For a song with a faster tempo,
use track delay to slighty speed up the MIDI notes to achieve a better performance.

DAW_Track delay functions

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