BFD3 – 1. Purchase/Download/Install

Author: sleepfreaks

It’s finally here – BFD3!!

The third series of the popular BFD series – “BFD3” – has arrived!

FXpansion - BFD3

Here, we will discuss how to quickly download/purchase BFD.
It can also be purchased from below.

BFD3 Article access

  1. 1Purchase, Download, Install *Current article
  2. 2Reading and saving kits
  3. 3Groove – Using rhythm patterns
  4. 4Editing kits
  5. 5Muting and articulation (Model)
  6. 6Mixer screen & individual outputs
  7. 7BFD3 – Optimizing other software’s MIDI performances

BFD3 – Purchasing the download version

FXpansion - Home

Access the FXpansion homepage, and login.


After that, access

  • 1_For those who don’t have BFD2, make a new purchase
  • 2_For those who already have BFD2, purchase the upgrade version

Here we will purchase the “upgrade version” and continue.

FXpansion - Shop

Select the product, and move to your shopping cart.
You can use a credit card or PayPal to purchase.

Downloading BFD3


After purchase, click “Downloads,” and download BFD3.


Designate your OS (Mac/Windows) and download.

Installing BFD3

After downloading, we will move onto installation.

First, run the “BFD3 Software Installer.”


Open the installer and continue.
The installation should finish up quickly.

Ticket For BFD3 Core Library Audio Data

Afterwards, open “Ticket For BFD3 Core Library Audio Data” (BFD3_Core_Library).


Log in.

License Manager

Check “BFD3,” and select “Authorize.”


The download will begin.

Because it is a “55G” massive download,
please expect for it to take some time.


After downloading,
there will be a new folder created in your download folders called “BFD3 Core Library.”

Open the correct installer for your OS (Mac/Win).


This is a key point.
Because 150GB of storage space is required, make sure you have a HDD with plenty of space.


We must wait a while until the 150GB is finished installing.


We’ve finished!

Opening BFD3

After installing, open up BFD3.
Once you authorize the software, it will be ready to use.

If you are experiencing troubles with authorizing (errors), check the article below:


  • Mac_Application
  • Windows_Program files

It is installed in this folder.

Or –


You can open it from your DAW.

In our next article, we will take a look at “BFD3 kits.”