Waves – MS processing with MS Matrix

Author: sleepfreaks

Raising sound with MS processing

MS processing is an edit used during the「mastering」process, to edit the

generally loud center and
generally quiet sides individually.

By raising the volume on the sides, the song will widen and lead to an increase in loudness as well.

We have different articles prepared for MS processing via different softwares.

However, this process can be tricky.
What makes this tedious process easy is the「MS Matrix」.

Video key point – Applying to the master track

WAVES_MS Matrix適用

Apply the「MS Matrix」to the master track.
Be sure that your MIX is already finished at this point.

It is divided into

Video key point – Exporting as an audio file

You can individually edit「L」&「R」and apply「EQ」「Comp」,
but we recommend「exporting to audio」first to make this process easier.


Be sure to「separate channels」when exporting.

Video key point – MS processing


Import the「audio files」previously exported.


The audio files pre-exporting.


Apply「MS Matrix」to the master track again.

This brings everything back to the same sound as before.

WAVES_MS MatrixでのM_S処理_完成系

You can now apply volume and effect edits on just the「side」.

Last, adjust the loudness as a whole on the「master track」and you’re done!