Going one step back with the「Undo function」- Logic Pro: How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

You can fix any mistake in Logic with the 「Undo function」!!

When making Computer Music, sometimes you want to undo an edit or action you did.
In this situation, you can use the 「Undo」 function.

  • Command+Z

Some examples of use are as follows:

We entered 3 notes, and feel the top two aren’t great… so we decide to delete them.

The two notes have been deleted.

After listening to it again, we feel “Oh? Maybe it was better off before?”

Lets undo it!
But re-entering the MIDI data is a bit of a hassle.

In this situation, we can use 「Undo」.
It will go back to its previous state as shown below.

You can also select the number of Undo’s from your DAWs system preferences.
The undo function can go back 20, 50 steps to undo something you did.

This 「Undo」 function can be found in even non-Computer Music related software.
Try out this useful function to increase your work flow.