Copy & Paste - Logic Pro: How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

The most used function of Copy/Paste (regardless of DAW)


Regardless of the task, this shortcut is the most used on a computer.

Knowing/not knowing makes a massive difference in work efficiency/speed,
so ensure that you master this shortcut.

Useful in many applications

For example, it can be used to repeat drums,
copy the 1st verse melody and paste it to the second verse, and many more situations.

It is simple and provides multiple ways of performing this function.
Select what you want to copy, and enter

  • Mac : Command+C

By doing so, the selected material is temporarily held onto by your computer.
This is the 『copy』 function.

Next, select where you want to paste the material, and enter:

  • Mac : Command+V

The copied data has now been duplicated and placed.
This is the 『paste』 function.

In the picture, 

we copied the first bar region,

and pasted it to the 7th bar.

Multiple bars can be selected as well.

This shortcut is used not only in Computer Music software,
but everyday computer use, and even emails and typing.

There is also a useful shortcut for duplication.

  • Mac : Option + Drag to the area you want to copy it to

Please ensure that you memorize this function as well.