Track adjustment/Mixer window - Logic Pro: How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

Balancing individual tracks for a better sound

Here we will discuss the important process of adjusting
volume, panning, effects, and other track control functions.
By using the mixer window, you can look at all the tracks at once, allowing for easier changes.

Adjusting individual tracks in Logic to polish your sound

By adjusting the “pan” and “volume” of tracks,
you can adjust the balance and overall quality of your song.

About the Channel strip

We will take a look at the “Channel strip” that’s used in mixing.
It’s a term that comes up often so make sure to remember it!

First click on “Inspector” to show the track information.
The info on the currently selected track will come up.


Lets try fixing the problem of the drums overpowering the bass.
Just in this function alone, a song will be tidied up considerably.

By dragging the slider (shown in the red) up/down,
you can adjust the volume.


You can complete the same function here.


You can adjust the “left〜right” placement of the sound.
This helps prevents sound from overlapping too much, and helps clean up your sound.


Drag the area in red up/down to adjust.
「L : −amount is left R : +amount is right」


You can also perform this function here.



This determines the track being played.
For example, if you want to “check the drum sound,” or “hear the mix without guitar,” this tool comes in handy.


Stops the selected track from temporarily not making sound.


Turn on the “mute button” from the area in red.
By doing so, the muted track will stop making sound.


Only the solo’d track will make sound.
Because the other tracks will be muted, you won’t hear any sound from them.


Turn on the “Solo button” shown in the red.
By doing so, just the solo’d track will be played.

※ By clicking the 「Mute/Solo」 buttons, you can turn off the function as well.

Editing each track and completing your song

The mixer window is utilized to edit each tracks volume, panning, and more, to lead your song to completion.

Click on the “mixer window” icon to turn it on,
and the mixer window will be displayed.

1_「Input channel」

Designate/change the mic/instrument input here.


Click here to add effects like 「EQ」 and 「compression」.


Change pan (sound right/left placement) here, and it is set in the center as a default.
By turning the knob left/right, the sound will link to the setting and move accordingly.

4_「Volume fader」

Change each individual track’s volume.
The lower the fader the lower the volume, the higher the fader the louder.

5_「Solo/mute mode」

Tracks can be muted and solo’d here.
「M」Mute – When lit, the track selected will be muted
「S」Solo – When lit, only the track selected will make sound