Using dithering to prevent quality loss when exporting

Author: sleepfreaks

Exporting with the optimal bit rate

After making a song in your DAW,
the next step is to export it as a「Wav」.

What we need to be careful of here is
the loss in sound quality due to different bit rates.

What are bits?

The「movement of volume」which determines the dynamics
is directly effected by「bit rate」: the higher the number the more detailed the changes in volume can be. 


※The difference in volume in the picture is just an example picture

Generally you will use「16」「24」or「32」,
with「32bit」theoretically having no「clipping」.

Because it is calculated via squared numerals

16bit = 2^16 The volume is expressed in 65,536 steps
24bit = 2^24 16,777,216 steps
32bit = 2^32 4,294,967,296 steps

The most used bit rate is currently「24bit」.
Most software synths run on「24bit」as well.

However, keep in mind that CD’s use「16bit」.

This means that the dynamics expressed in your DAW will have limitations placed on it.
What occurs here is「noise」「murky sounds」and「loss in sound quality」.

To prevent this, we will use dithering.

Using dithering

We have created reference articles to use with your individual DAW.
Find the DAW you use and give it a look!

Dithering by DAW

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