Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2. Sound editing

Author: sleepfreaks

Adjusting sound to match the song


Previously we touched on a variety of pattern variations and basics.
In this article we will focus on editing the tones of these patterns.

You can adjust the coloring of the sounds according to the song,
allowing for use in any genre of choice.

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  1. 1Basics and changing patterns
  2. 2Sound editing *Current article

Using sound presets


Presets can be accessed from the area shown.
(doubling) refers to the sound of 2 guitars playing at the same time.


You can adjust the sound nuance and voicing from the area in the red box on the left.

  • Voicing : Mix sounds played in low/high positions on the guitar
    It’s also possible to select one or the other.
  • Accent : Select the strength at which the guitar is played.
    The further right, the more dynamically intense the playing.

In addition, when the setting above get switched back to default –


make sure to turn “MIDI reset” off in your DAW.

Adjusting and tweaking sound


  • 1_In addition to selecting voicing,
    you can add doubling, and set the PAN
  • 2_Choose the amount of fret noise when moving between chords
  • 3_Edit the main effects – EQ, Comp, and Reverb
    Because of its polished layout, even beginners can easily craft their own sounds

Saving sound presets

You can save any of the changes you made.


By clicking on the area in the red box, the setting will be saved.


You can also easily bring up your presets.

Designating playing nuances


  • 1_You can “swing” the playing
    This is great for songs with swing, but also works great for groove in a small amount.
  • 2_This adds variations to the play timing
    By turning to the right, it adds variation to the play timing,
    and turning to the left keeps it perfectly on time.
  • 3_You can adjust the overall timing of the playing
    The playing can be rushed or delayed,
    and adjusted in ms (milliseconds).