Massive 3 - Filters & Effects

Author: sleepfreaks

Massive – Using filters to design your sounds

A synthesizer always comes with a “filter”.

Though there are many types of filters, the most common is a “low-pass filter.”
You can soften very mechanical sounding patches, and fit then better into your music.

“Synthesizer Filter Video

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  1. 1Oscillators
  2. 2Glide & FM
  3. 3Filters
  4. 4Envelopes
  5. 5Macro Control
  7. 7Adding Presets
  8. 8Using Multiple Modulation
  9. 94 Types of Modulation
  10. 10Changing to a max. of 128 sounds with 1 track

Key point – Caution when using a filter

Massive has 2 different types of filters.

If you are choosing to use only 1 filter,
select the filter (F1 or F2) that you want the “OSC” to be sent to.

Key point – Using effects

Click on the portion shown in the red box to activate an “effect” (ex. FX1)
By clicking on the light shown, you can “bypass” the effect.