Massive 4 - Envelopes and LFO

Author: sleepfreaks

Not just for Massive: Synth basics with Envelopes and LFO

“Envelopes” and “LFOs”
can be used to add expression and effects to sound.

The knowledge provided in this article is crucial to sound design, and is good knowledge to remember and use in your own music.

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  1. 1Oscillators
  2. 2Glide & FM
  3. 3Filters
  4. 4Envelopes
  5. 5Macro Control
  7. 7Adding Presets
  8. 8Using Multiple Modulation
  9. 94 Types of Modulation
  10. 10Changing to a max. of 128 sounds with 1 track

Key point – Applying envelopes and LFOs

You can “drag and drop” the icon (shown in the red box) to the item that you want to apply the effect to.
In addition, to delete it, right click the number thats displayed and select “OFF.”

After applying the effect, you can the “drag the number up or down,” and adjust the strength of the effect.
On other synthesizers, this parameter is often called the “amount” of the effect.

By dragging,
the colored area shown is reflected in the envelope below.