Electri6ity 2 - Sound and strum sequencing

Author: sleepfreaks

Using effects on sound and double tracking

Previously, we focused on the basics of “Electri6ity.”
In this article, we will take a look at how to use effects, and double tracking.

Electri6ity Video access

  1. 1Trigger keys & power chords
  2. 2Sound and strum sequencing*Current article
  3. 3Sequencing a guitar solo 〜part 1〜
  4. 4Sequencing a guitar solo 〜part 2〜
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Video key point – Using effects

By clicking on “Effects,” you will be moved to a screen with MULTI FX, SCREAMER, AMP, etc.

You can use any effect by switching it “ON.”

Video key point – Saving settings

By moving through【Files】→【Save as…】→【Instruments ♯1】
and saving “Stratocaster Amped_1231-2.nki” with a new name…

we can easily access it through “Instruments.”

About humanize (double tracking)

To double track, bring up 2 of the same instrument.

Set the MIDI channel to both channels.

Set the PAN to 【L】 and 【R】.

change one side from 【Use Guitar 1】 to 【Use Guitar 2】.

By doing so, you can use one MIDI track to double track.

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