WAVES Q10 – Equalizer

Author: sleepfreaks

Easy to use and apply! WAVES「Q10」

Q10’s charm lies in its「functionality」.

A maximum of 10 points can freely be place, allowing for various Q types.

The EQ works incredibly well, and allows for very detailed edits.
Its interface is easy to use for beginners as well.

In addition, it has「Undo」「Redo」functions,
allowing you to fix any edit mistakes you may have made.

Video key point – About variety


The number shown behind the「Q」represents the number of points that can be used.
The edit screen will widen with more points, making editing easier.

Video key point – EQ types


You can select different「cut」「shelf」types from this point as well.

Video key point – Changing EQ settings


You can switch instantly between「A」&「B」EQ settings.
This allows you to easily compare to see which EQ setting is better.

Video key point – Changing EQ settings


Because you can「Undo」&「Redo」,
you can easily fix any mistakes or unwanted edits.