Waves PAZ Analyzer

Author: sleepfreaks

Analyzing track sounds with「PAZ Analyzer」

「PAZ Analyzer」is a plugin from「Waves」.
As its name implies, it allows you to analyze a track/sounds「frequencies/positioning」.

Of course, music is analyzed by ear,
but problems that are hard to notice or bad habits can be visually checked.

This works great for upgrading the quality of your track,
so try it out!

Video key point – Current positioning and peak amounts


The highest amount played will be shown in「orange」, and the
parts currently being played in「yellow」.


By turning on the「Peak Hold」just the currently played meter will show.

Video key point – About freeze


It’s a little hard to see in the photo,
but by turning on the「Freeze」, it will hold the visuals of that particular moment.

Because of this, you can easily find specific points to edit.
By clicking「Freeze」again, it will go back to the normal display.

Video key point – About zoom

Using zoom, you can make more detailed edits.


  • 1 – Click「+/-」to control the zoom amount
  • 2 – Click「up/down/left/right arrow」to designate location
  • 3 – Click to「reset zoom」

Video key point – Analyzing low end

From「LF res」you can select the low end analysis detail.

LF res

Select from「10Hz/20Hz/40Hz」,
and the lower the number, the more detailed the low end analysis will be.