GarageBand : How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

How to use GarageBand! Beginners can try this DAW out easily and stress-free

GarageBand is a software product from Apple.


Because of its wide variety of sounds and loops,
even beginners to can instinctually make and produce music.

  • Never played an instrument?
  • Not good with computers?
  • Want to make music for your homepage or videos?
  • Want to try making Computer Music?

We recommend it for these kind of people!

Using loops

You can use the existing loops in the DAW to create your own original music.

Recording instruments

You can also record instruments and vocals.

Exporting music

You can easily burn your music onto a CD, or release it digitally to the world!

In the past, it would cost 1,300yen for the app;
however, from ver.10 it is now free.

Now there’s nothing to lose!

You can download GarageBand from the page below:(OS 10.9 and above required)

Although the app only runs on Mac computers,
we highly recommend it for those who want to try making Computer Music.

This category will focus only on “GarageBand,”
and by the end of the series you will have acquired various knowledge and skills.

Perhaps you will want to move onto a DAW with more features.

If that’s the case, it shares many similarities in terms of function and workflow as “Logic,” making for a smooth and painless transition.

Enjoy making music!