Piano roll in Logic Pro X

Author: sleepfreaks

Types of sequencing

There are a few types of sequencing, generally split into these 2 categories.

MIDI step input sequencing

Recording a software instrument

First of all, we will try 「MIDI step input sequencing」 with drums.

Logic – Preparing to input MIDI

When we input MIDI step sequences, we need to do designate the MIDI input region.

1_creat an empty midi region

Right-click the bar.
Then, choose “Create Empty MIDI Region” from the menu.

2_click the region

Double-click the region.

Piano roll window

3_piano roll


A keyboard graphic along the left edge of the Piano Roll Editor provides an easy guide to the pitches of notes.

2_「Change to the tool menu」

The Pencil tool can enter in the MIDI notes, move the notes, and control note length.