Creating a song - Logic Pro X

Author: sleepfreaks

Creating a Track in Logic Pro X

We will take a look at how to create a track in a blank project, compose, and record.
Basically we will take a look at the song writing process.

1_Add a track

Press the “+” button.

Type of track

2_New track

There are various types of tracks; for the time being, we just need to learn about the “Audio track” and “Instrument track.”

「What is “Audio track”?」


We can record sound from a microphone, or from an instrument (such as guitar, piano).

We can see the audio waveforms after recording.

「What is an “Instrument track”?」


Instrument tracks are used to record all the software instruments.
The recording appears a MIDI region on the selected software instrument track.

Add a software instrument track

5_Select an instrument

First, we are going to look at what a software instrument track is.

A software instrument track is used for every software instrument.
What we play into the software instrument makes up the data in the track.

6_select an instrument_2

  • 1_Select a library icon.
  • 2_Choose an instrument to play.

Choosing a software instrument

There is another way to choose an instrument.

6_select an instrument_2

Right-click the part of the red circle to bring up the inspector.

7_select an instrument_3

You can choose a software instrument from here.

Introducing Logic’s soft-synths

Logic Pro X provides an extensive suite of software instruments that can be used in our productions.

We are going to introduce three soft synths.



Ultrabeat includes specialized percussion synthesizers and instruments,
making it a powerful and cool tool for the creation of new sounds and beats.

See how to use it below



EXS24 includes drums and orchestra sounds, and various sounds.
Also, EXS24 has guitar and bass sounds.

See how to use it below