Exporting your song in Logic Pro

Author: sleepfreaks

Exporting your project as an audio file


The process that turns your song into a file is “exporting.”

Lets try turning a completed song into an audio file.
After exporting a song, you can share it with your friends, or even upload it to iTunes.

Logic Pro X – Adjusting level and exporting tutorial

Creating, completing, and exporting a song in Logic X

Drag on the timeline shown above the red line, to designate the length of the song you want to export.

Select Top Menu→「File」→「Bounce」→「Project or section」

The bounce window will come up.

  • 1_Select the file type to be exported.
  • 2_Click on the 「OK」button to bounce.

Designate the name and saving location of the file, and click 「Bounce」.


An audio file will be created in the area specified.