Using AppleLoops - Logic Pro: How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

Making music as a beginner using Logic’s AppleLoops

When purchasing Logic, it comes with a powerful tool called AppleLoops.

Generally, audio loops need to be manually set to the songs key and tempo. However –
you don’t have to do this with AppleLoops; simply select a loop that you like and start making music.

Let’s take a look at some uses.

Apple Loops – Tutorial video

Opening the loop browser

1_Loop window

Click the “Media” button next to Logic’s arrange window.

Selecting loops

From the open window, select the “loop” tab.
Underneath the picture, hundreds of thousands of loops will be displayed.

Your whole day will be over if you go through these one by one looking for sounds.

What comes in handy here is the genre panel shown above.
You can narrow down your results from instruments to sounds here.

In the picture we clicked the “guitar,” “rock/blues,” “distorted” panels, to find a cool rock guitar sound.

In addition, by clicking the “reset” button on the upper left, it removes the selection and displays all of the loops again.

By clicking on the material you’re interested in, you can preview it’s sound.

Using loops

Once you’ve found a loop that you like, drag and drop it into your song.
By doing so, you can easily input a loop into a song.

In addition, you can change the key from “key” shown below,
allowing you to find loops that fit your song in terms or chord progression and key.

Please keep in mind that if you don’t designate the key (select “song key”), and use loops, the loops will be inputted to the song key (default C).

Loop tempo and key change

One of the advantages of AppleLoops is the ability to edit even after placing the loops.

The loop length/tempo will stretch/shrink to match your project tempo.

Key change is easy to do as well.
Select the region you want to change, and click the “inspector” area shown in the red.
Simply change the transpose function that comes up.

「+1」half step up 「-1」half step down

Useful tips


By cutting a loop region with the scissor tool, you can change the pitch of different sections.
This works great to embellish your songs, or even match the phrases you write.