Computer Music for Beginners : Choosing hardware - 32 bit and 64 bit

Author: sleepfreaks

Utilize your memory with 64 bit


There are 2 standards to computers; “32 bit” and “64 bit.”
When purchasing a new computer, most will come equipped 64 bit.

How are these 2 different?

The amount of memory (mentioned in the last article) that it can utilize greatly differs.


  • 32 bit : Recognizes up to 4GB
  • 64 bit : Capable of recognizing over 10million GB

Always choose 64 bit


With 32 bit, even if you have 8GB or 16GB of memory availble,
you only have access to 4GB.

64 bit on the other hand, can handle over 10million GB of memory.
Technically、you can stack up as much memory as you want.

All of the Computer Music software we discuss is compatible with a 64 bit system.
When buying a computer, please ensure that it is 64 bit.