Massive 7 – Adding presets

Author: sleepfreaks

Add presets and expand your work

The “massively” popular synth Massive.
You can download a variety of free/paid presets online.

Here we will add downloaded presets to the “Browser,”
and discuss how to easily access them.

Access Massive videos

  1. 1Oscillators
  2. 2Glide & FM
  3. 3Filters
  4. 4Envelopes
  5. 5Macro Control
  7. 7Adding Presets
  8. 8Using Multiple Modulation
  9. 94 Types of Modulation
  10. 10Changing to a max. of 128 sounds with 1 track

Coverting KSD files

If the Massive presets you wish to use are in a “KSD” file format,
you will need to convert them.

Select “KSD Batch Convert” from “File,”
and you can convert them by selecting the preset folder.

Designating the preset folder

If the preset is in a “nmsv” file format, you can use it without conversion.

Select “File” → “Options”

Click “Add” from the “Browser tab,”
and select the folder that contains the presets.

By doing so, the presets will be added to your “Browser.”