Computer Music for Beginners : Choosing hardware - Desktop or Laptop

Author: sleepfreaks

Choosing your workstation

After making the decision of “Mac or Windows,” its time to move onto the next choice.


Choosing between a desktop or laptop computer.

It may seem that a large desktop may have better specs, and a lot of people think this to be true.
However, laptops have become increasingly advanced, and allow for smooth music production.

Therefore, we will focus on “usage and work environment” to decide which to get.

Desktop characteristics


  • Using multiple monitors
  • Easy to add/build onto(memory, HDD, etc.)
  • Low risk of damage(due to the fact it’s not carried around)

Laptop characteristics


  • Portable. You can bring it to studio recordings or use it live
  • Usage other than music production, outside of the house

The most important factor inevitably is, whether or not you want to work on the go.

We recommend a laptop for those who don’t need to now, but wish to record in a studio or DJ/perform in the near future.