Computer Music for Beginners - Choosing a computer : Mac? or Windows?

Author: sleepfreaks

Choosing a computer : Mac? or Windows?

When starting Computer Music, a computer is absolutely necessary to have.
We will first discuss what computer to choose for your music productions.

Computers generally fit into 1 of 2 categories.
Both of them are famous and you’ve certainly heard these names before.


They are Macintosh, and Windows.

Which should you buy?
This is an age old question.

4 key points

For a while in the past, it was generally said that music related work should be done on a Mac,
but in recent years, the specs are not much different, and neither are the available softwares.

Then how should we ought to base of decision on?
Here we have put together 4 key points to keep in mind.


In general, a Windows computer will cost you less.
This is especially good if you want to set aside money for other products as well.

What you’re used to

There are most likely many individuals who already own a computer.
In that case, choosing whatever computer you are used to, is just as justifiable of a reason for purchase.
This allows you to put your focus on your Computer Music workflow.

If a close friend of your has a certain laptop, that serves as a good reason to get the same one as well.
He/she will be able to help you out in the beginning, and ease the learning process.


When producing music, it is important to avoid any problems, and focus solely on your work.

Windows computers are made by a variety of companies, and what may seem to have the same specs, may not run in the same way.

With that said, Mac computers are made only by Apple, and quality control is easier to do. This means that they generally have less problems.

Name brand

We apologize for adding in some personal opinions,
but Mac computers are well designed, and just look good.

It’s hard to deny their presence at a live event or gig.

Mac or Windows – In conclusion

When looking above, reliability ends up as the most important aspect.
For those who don’t mind the price tag, we generally recommend Mac computers.

For those who use a Windows computer for work, and want to purchase a computer for music production, although it goes against the point of “What you’re used to,” we would highly recommend a Mac.

We believe it also helps set a cut off from your work life and your creative endeavours.