MASCHINE expansion sounds BATTERY 4 compatible

Author: sleepfreaks

Kits and loops now usable via BATTERY4 & DAWs


MASCHINE expansion packs (EXPANSIONS) from Native Instruments can now be accessed via BATTERY 4 and you DAW.

Company page :

Battery 4

Even those who don’t have MASCHINE or MASCHINE related software can utilize these great sounds.

Current users can update their library

Those who already have MASCHINE’s expansion pack can use “Native Access” to update it for free.

Native Access-1

Previewing the product

Komplete _ Expansions _ Hip Hop _ R&b | Products

You can find an expansion kit that fits your style from the URL below:
You can select the genre you want as well.

Komplete _ Expansions _ Decoded Forms | Products

The information page that pops up after clicking on each product, contains info on the sounds included, and software compatibility.
Massive & Monark presets are also available.


The purchased sounds can be accessed by viewing Native Access’s “Preference”

Native Access-3

and installed into “Content location.”

Rising Crescent Library

The “Wav” files in the “Samples” folder can also be dragged into your DAW to use as sample sounds.