Sound libraries and Software plugins for Computer Music beginners

Author: sleepfreaks

Making the change to higher quality sounds

Up till this point, we have discussed how to prepare to make Computer Music.
This will be the last article in this series.

We will discuss expanding your sound banks/sample libraries and software (plugins) to increase the quality of your work.


These sounds and softwares are not necessary to use from the start.

However, if you find yourself thinking “I want to sequence with better sounds,” or
“I want to increase the sound quality of my work,” these things will come in handy.

Compatible plugins for each DAW

Recommended sounds and software
  • Native Instruments Komplete


Native Instruments Komplete

From synths, drums, and live instruments, this package has it all,
with very high quality sounds.

From rock to electronic:
We recommend this product for any genre of music.

You can expect a boost in quality,
just by replacing previously sequenced sounds with sounds from this package.

Though high in quality, it also requires more CPU to run than stock samples,
so please take a look at your computer specs before making the purchase.

  • Waves



Waves provides high quality tools for your mixing process.

For those who feel their stock plugins don’t pack enough punch,
or lack clarity can find the answers here.

They used to be expensive plugins,
but have become very reasonably priced in recent years.