Computer setup for Computer Music beginners - About Mac products

Author: sleepfreaks

Finding the Mac that suits you

Because Windows have a wide variety of choices, with new products coming out all the time, we will focus on “Mac products” in this article.

I myself use a Mac product,
but have also experienced many students’ opinions on a Mac.

This article will be from that point of view, and you can take some of these points into consideration for your own purchase.


MacBook Air

MacBook Air

This laptop is practical if you are not planning to use high quality sample libraries.

When taking a look at the specs,
the CPU may seem a little low, but the charm lies in its lightness.

Although the CPU runs as a “1.3GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5”
this provides plenty of speed for recording.

For those who wish to get into sample libraries we suggest the “Macbook Pro”
or upgrade to a “1.7GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7.”

Although it has an SSD onboard that provides speed,
considering the storage space, it gets risky if you plan to use sample libraries.
There is a 128GB and 256GB option、and we recommend choosing 256GB.

We also recommend choosing the 8GB memory.

Considering the points above, after the upgrade it will carry a heavier price tag, but those who want the convenience of its light weight may find it to be a good buy.

The display size is up to your personal preference.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

You can easily balance recording and sequencing.

The CPU, memory, and HDD all pass the aforementioned requirements.

The lowest spec model should be upgraded to 8GB of memory, as well as increasing the HDD to over 256GB.

The display size is up to your personal preference.




All models are practical for use.

The specs it comes with right out of the box will provide a hassle-free experience.
If you have the money, we suggest upgrading the memory to 16GB.

The display size is up to your personal preference.


Mac Pro

The undefeated speed machine.
This has the best specs of any Apple product.


Of course, it will provide a fantastic experience.


The display is sold separately, so make sure to have one beforehand.
You can also utilize multiple monitors.

A storage space of 256GB is too small for this computer, so we suggest to
upgrade the storage space, or purchase an external drive.

Usable with all models


Because a DVD drive is not provided, those who wish to have one may add this on.