Session Strings Pro 2 – Sequencing technique

Author: sleepfreaks

Setting articulation for phrases and increase quality

Sesstion Strings

After learning the basics, lets move onto the process of sequencing.

“Session Strings Pro” has an array of performance styles,
and can be freely changed throughout a song.

Session Strings – Tutorial video

  1. 1. The basics
  2. 2. Sequencing techniques *Current article


Changing styles with key switch


“Keyswitch” can be used to change the playing style.
These switches can be found on the red area on the keyboard.


By inputting MIDI notes in this area,
the playing style will instantly be switched.

Caution with legato


Legato will be applied for most playing.
To connect the sounds smoothly, make sure that the MIDI notes overlap.

In addition because the attack is a little slow,
we recommend setting the next note slightly before the grid to avoid a delayed sound.

Portamento techniques


Portamento slides notes from one to another.

When “1st/2nd” are both set to “portamento,”
the pitch may sound unstable in some instances.

By applying “portamento” to only one or the other,
you can achieve a more natural sound.

Accenting techniques


By using accents, you can emphasize attack.

By applying it to the first note of a phrase,
you can create a more lively and moving performance.