Session Horns Pro 1 – Additional functions and what it’s about

Author: sleepfreaks

The upgraded version of Session Horns

Session Horns Pro

In our last articles, we touched on “Session Horns.”
This time, we will take a look at the upgraded “Session Horns Pro.”

  • Better sound quality and library
  • Make small adjustments to each instrument
  • More key switch options

These are some of it’s beneficial features.

Session Horns – Tutorial video

  1. 1Basics and sound design
  2. 2Sequencing techniques
  3. 3Session Horns Pro – Additional features and what it’s about *Current article
  4. 4Session Horns Pro 2 sequencing

Instrument selection


Click on the instrument area, and you can select the instrument you want to use.


By selecting on “COMBI,” you can bring up 2 instruments.

Adjusting instrument sounds


From “SOUND,” you can edit the volume, pan, pitch (lower 1oct), and more.

Editing instruments

Key Switches

“Session Horns Pro” utilizes a variety of key switches.
With this, you can easily change articulation styles during a song.