Session Horns Pro 2 – Sequencing

Author: sleepfreaks

The upgraded version of Session Horns

Previously, we took a look at some additional features.
Now lets take a look at how to control these with some phrases.

NI Session Horns Pro-1

Compared to the regular “Session Horns,”
you will feel a significant difference in sound, playing style, and control.

Experience realistic brass sounds with this tool.

Session Horns – Tutorial video

  1. 1Basics and sound design
  2. 2Sequencing techniques
  3. 3Session Horns Pro – Additional features and what it’s about
  4. 4Session Horns Pro 2 sequencing

Velocity control

NI Session Horns Pro

Playing Doits and Falls can be controlled by changing “velocity,”
allowing you to choose pitch change speeds.

Playing that can’t use Doits/Falls

Some of “Session Horns Pro” articulation styles
cant use Doits/Falls.

Session Horns Pro_Doits_Falls

Please keep this in mind.

Controlling articulation with key switch


The allure of “Session Horns Pro” lies in its powerful “key switch” capabilities.
You can easily switch between a variety of articulations.

Adjusting Doits/Falls speeds

Session Horns Pro_2_Doits

You can use Doits by raising your pitch bend wheel,
but in Session Horns Pro,
you can select 2 different speeds (Quick、Slower).

Session Horns Pro_Falls

You can use Falls by lowering your pitch bend wheel,
but in Session Horns Pro,
you can select 3 different speeds (Quick、Slower、The Slowest).