Session Horns 2 – Sequencing techniques

Author: sleepfreaks

Using Session Horns for your songs

Session Horns_2_1

Previously, we focused on the basics of Session Horns and how to make sounds.
This time, we will take a look at some real world applications, and go over some sequencing techniques.
Review the 1st video to further deepen your understanding.

Session Horns – Tutorial video

  1. 1Basics and sound design
  2. 2Sequencing techniques *Current article
  3. 3Session Horns Pro – Additional features and what it’s about
  4. 4Session Horns Pro 2 sequencing

Staccato with Velocity Switch

Session Horns_2_2

You can open multiple instances of Session Horns, and utilize different “Single Articulation” settings to use different articulations, however;
By inputting short notes, and using “Velocity Switch”s “FoPiCre,” you can create staccato sounds as well.

Using Expression CC♯11, to create dynamics

Session Horns 2_4

From the “Control,” select 【DYNAMIC CONTROL】→【Expression CC♯11】.

Session Horns 2_6

For “Cubase,” select 【Controller lane】→【CC 11 (Expression)】.

Session Horns 2_5

  • Velocity Switch – Use to switch playing style
  • Expression CC♯11 – Use to control the dynamics

Using Doits/Falls

Session Horns 2_7

To use Doits/Falls, select
【controller lane】→【pitch bend】.

Session Horns 2_8

For Falls, there are 2 types of speed.

  • Slow Falls – Pitch bend slightly
  • Fast Falls – Pitch bend all the way down

※ Doits have only 1 speed setting, and doesn’t have the above functions.

Please try out these Session Horns tips in your next production!