No Filters!? Bolt Harmonics Synthesizer from Nektar Tutorial ① Basics & OSC Section

Author: sleepfreaks

Harmonic Synthenizer that adds over-tones/harmonics to create sound


In this article we will take a look at [Bolt] from Nektar.

The main characteristic of this product is the ability to create sound using harmonics, allowing for a variety of sounds from leads, pads, and even SFX.

We will first take a look at the most central component: oscillators.

Bolt Tutorial ① Basics & OSC Section Video Access

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About Bolt’s Oscillators (OSC)


This plugin has a main OSC and a second OSC, allowing for sound changes made with OSC2.
Harmonics are added to edit the sound, and the filter section included in most synthesizers is not built in.


There’s a variety of preset waveforms as well.
You can select a preset waveform and use the OSC parameters to edit the sound.

Main 3パラメーター

Edit the following parameters to make changes:

  • HARMONICS: Adds harmonics to add characteristics to the sound
  • ROLLOFF: Enhances high harmonics and raises high frequencies
  • NOISE: Adds noise to the sound; useful for sound effects


The harmonic types can be changed from the top of the OSC section.
These work similar to a synthesizer’s filter section.

  • ODD: Removes even harmonics and creates a Pulse/Square type sound
  • INV: Inverts the waveform; used for FM and OSC mixing sounds
  • DEEP: Lowers high harmonics, and increases the low end sounds. Has a low-pass filter like effect.


This section is used to control the OSC pitch functions.

  • SHIFT: Edits the OSC in half-step (semitone) increments
  • DETUNE: Adjusts the OSC pitch in Cents
  • SUB-OSC: Adds in a -1 octave sound and thickens the sound
Volume/Pan Control

Volume Pan

Each OSC’s volume/pan can be adjusted individually, allowing for nuanced sounds.


The red fader next to the volume fader controls the [Drive], allowing you to add a saturation like effect to the sound.
This works great for fattening the sound and blending it into the mix.

Main Volume

The [MAIN VOLUME] allows you to control the overall volume.
Keep the balance between OSCs while adjusting the master volume.

Using FM to modulate


An [FM] is included in Bolt modulate sound.

Turn on the [FM] button, and turn the knob below to adjust the amount.
By changing the [SHIFT] of each OSC, you can modulate using your OSCs.


In addition, by using the [XM] button, you can cross modulate OSC1 using OSC2.
When doing this, the OSC2 volume can be set to 0.

We hope you found this article useful.
This is a unique product that allows you to get creative using harmonics.

By mixing/matching parameters, you can create a variety of sounds easily and instinctively.

Next time we will take a look at [Envelopes/LFO].

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