Kontakt 5 – 4. Individual outputs

Author: sleepfreaks

Sending sounds to individual outputs

Even if you setup MIDI configurations for multiple sounds within Kontakt,
on your DAW it is still configured as 1 Kontakt track.

In this case you can utilize individual outputs.

You will be able to pan and adjust volume for individual sounds, and even add DAW effects.

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  3. 3Using effects
  4. 4Modulation
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  6. 7Individual outputs(Current article)

Using individual outputs in Kontakt

Making individual outputs with Kontakt is a little different then some other programs.


↑ When bringing up Kontakt, we will set it up for individual output use.
There are multiple output options, but “16x Stereo” will work for most situations.

↑ Click on the area shown in the red box, and open the mixer window.

↑ Click “Add Channel” shown in the red box in the mixer.

  • 1_Choose the number of output channels. Its saved after set up so a little more than necessary works best.

Underneath is the number of outputs with “1 = mono”, “2 = stereo”, “3+ = surround.”
In general, we will select “2 = stereo.”


↑ The is the screen after adding the channels.
We have added 4 channels.

↑ Click the area in the red box, and designate the output channel.

↑ Click and ensure that the channels don’t overlap.

↑ It will look something like this.

↑ This is what it will look like after applying this to all tracks.
Please ensure that all tracks have different outputs.

↑ After making these adjustments, we will save our settings.
Click the area in the red box, and select “All Formats” from “Save current output section state as default for.”

After reopening Kontakt, you will have access to individual outputs.
Although a little time consuming, because the settings have been saved, you will be able to utilize individual outputs from hereon.

↑ Click on the samples “Output”
and add it to a channel you created above.

Check out how to set up individual outputs on other DAWs below:

How to apply outputs in 1 step(as of 2016/01/06)

You can use multiple sounds in Kontakt to setup individual outputs in one go.


Click “Presets/Batch Configuration,” and select “Batch functions.”
Select “Split instruments routed to first output—.”


In this way, individual outputs have been setup instantly.
It’s very useful!

Frequently asked questions – Individual outputs(as of 2016/09/08)