Kontakt 5 – 8. About modulation

Author: sleepfreaks

Kontakt – putting motion to sound with Modulation

Using modulation, we can put motion to a sound,
giving it that “it” factor.

You can also assign controls within Kontakt to your MIDI keyboard,
allowing for more instinctual and organic changes in your music.

Access Kontakt Videos

  1. 1Main window
  2. 2Placing and editing samples
  3. 3Using effects
  4. 4Modulation(Current article)
  5. 6Practice making jingles!
  6. 7Individual outputs

Video key point – Assigning MIDI learn with your controller

MIDI learn is a very useful tool.
“Right click” the fader or know that you want connected to you controller,
and select “Learn MIDI CC.” Move the knob that you want assigned on your controller.