Kontakt 5 – 3. Using MIDI

Author: sleepfreaks

Utilizing multiple sounds

You can set up a maximum of 64 sounds to access from 1 Kontakt window.
It is very simple to do.

Simply double click the sound you want to use.

Sounds can be added in order as shown in the picture above (1,2).

How to assign Kontakt’s MIDI channels

However, just having a bunch of sounds doesn’t mean you can utilize all of them.

You must set up (in DAW) MIDI tracks for the sounds that you want to use

This is the setup for Kontakt

↑ Click the area in the red box to assign a MIDI channel

What to keep in mind:

Use a different MIDI channel for each sound/patch.

After doing this setup, we will set up the MIDI channel in the DAW.