Kontakt 5 - 6. Placing and editing samples

Author: sleepfreaks

Placing and editing samples in Kontakt

We will now move onto creating samplers using your own original samples.
First we will discuss how to place and edit your samples.

Access Kontakt videos

  1. 1Main window
  2. 2Placing and editing samples(Current article)
  3. 3Using effects
  4. 4Modulation
  5. 6Practice making jingles!
  6. 7Individual outputs

Video key point – Loading samples

You can drag and drop samples that are in your Kontakt window.

Video key point – Setting up pitch

Click the tool mark, and go into editing mode.
By changing the area in the red box to “Tone machine,” you can designate samples to pitches.

Video key point – Determining sample range

You can drag the start and end of a waveform in “Wave editor”
to determine what portion will be used.