Guitar Rig 5 – 4. Automation control

Author: sleepfreaks

Automating Guitar Rig’s parameter knobs

Up until now, we focused on devices within Guitar Rig.
In this article, we’ll discuss how to control parameters/knobs in Guitar Rig with your DAW.

In addition, by using “automation,”
device knobs in Guitar Rig can be changed throughout the course of a song.

Guitar Rig Video access

  1. 1Preamps & cabinets
  2. 2Applying effects/Saving presets
  3. 3Pitch & special effects
  4. 4Automation control *Current article
  5. 5Caution when using Mono/Stereo

Video key point – Automation ID confirmation/saving

In order to apply automation,
it helps to check the “ID” of the button/knob you want to apply it to.


“Right click” on the button/knob that you want to control.
You can check the “ID” from the menu that comes up.


You can access the “ID_parameter” from the “automation menu” in your DAW.


After this, just apply it the same way you would with regular “automation.”

Video key point – Using CONTAINER

By using “CONTAINER,”
you can control multiple button/knobs at once.


“CONTAINER” can be found within “Tool.”
Drag and drop to apply it.


Drag and drop the devices you use to control simultaneously into “CONTAINER.”


It will be placed into “CONTAINER.”
As shown above, you can place multiple devices in it.


Drag the knob in “CONTAINER” that you want to control parameters with onto the knobs you wish to control.

With this we’ve completed the settings.

By moving the knob in “CONTAINER,”
you can control the multiple knobs it is linked to.

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