Guitar Rig 5 – 3. Pitch & special effects

Author: sleepfreaks

Using a variety of effects for non-guitar sounds

As a continuation of our last article, we will focus on Guitar Rig’s “effects.”

Though the name “GuitarRig” may sound like its just for guitars,
you can use it on a variety of different sounds.

Here, we will apply it to the “Traktor’s 12” series master track, and drum track.

Because “Traktor’s 12” can be utilized in DJ type applications as well, we can expect to come up with some interesting sounds.


Guitar Rig Video access

  1. 1Preamps & cabinets
  2. 2Applying effects/Saving presets
  3. 3Pitch & special effects *Current article
  4. 4Automation control
  5. 5Caution when using Mono/Stereo

Video key point – Accessing Traktor’s 12

Traktor_s 12アクセス

Although you can access it from the “effect category,”
you can access all of “Traktor’s 12” via “Products.”

Video key point – About Traktor’s 12


Half of Traktor’s 12 had this type of interface.
In general, you can click “ON” to activate the effect.

※After stopping your DAW, there are instances where certain parts continue looping so switch “ON/OFF.”