Vengeance Sound Avenger - How to use - Editing drum patches and sequences

Author: sleepfreaks

Not only for synths – Avenger is great for drums

Vengeance Sound

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In this article, we will focus on using Avenger’s OSC area and editing drum sequences.

Avenger works great not only for synth sounds, but as a drum sequencer as well.
You can input rhythmic patterns and phrases into your music with this tool.

Avenger Editing drum patches and sequences – Video tutorial

  1. 1Basics and reading presets
  2. 2Editing drum patches and sequences
  3. 3OSC control (waveform, voice, portamento)
  4. 4Using the wavetable
  5. 5Sound design with the LFO
  6. 6Sound control with the arpeggiator/macro
  7. 7Individual outputs for oscillators

Choosing an OSC

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-1

The area in the upper middle of the screen is Avenger’s OSC area, and contains OSC1 and Drums as a default setting.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-2

To choose sounds for the oscillator, click on the area labelled “Saw.”
You can choose from a variety of waveforms and samples here.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-3

Freeform from Shapes provides some unique functions.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-4

Upon selection, it doesn’t make any sound; however –

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-5

you can drag EDITOR to draw your own waveforms.
You can easily and instinctively make your own unique sounds.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-6

Click the plus button to add oscillators.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-9

You can have a maximum of 8 OSC and layer these sounds.
Making fat synth sounds is easy with this function.

We will discuss the OSC in detail in our next article.

Editing the drum section

Check the contents of the drums tab section.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-10

By default, there are no sounds set up in it.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-11

On the bottom right area, click on Drums, and select Factory.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-12

Here we will see the Drums presets.
You can scroll using the slider on the right.

As you can see, there are a vast variety to choose from.
These are all beats that can be utilized for your projects.

Choose the preset you want to you, and open it in Avenger.
You can also change just the rhythmic pattern and not the sounds.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-13

Because the sound and patterns are locked together, they both are uploaded.
By unlocking, you can choose just the sounds or sequence.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-14

By clicking on kick, snare or other waveforms, you can edit them individually with tools such as Lowpass, HiPass, Pan, Pitch, and envelopes, allowing you to put futher detail into your beat.

Another useful function is the ability to upload Wav file samples.


Just drag and drop the file you want to use, into Avenger.

Although the presets provided cover solid ground, you may want to change it up depending on the song.
Next we will take a look at editing the Drums sequences.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-15

Click on the Drum sequence tab on the bottom middle.
We will check/edit the Drum sequences here.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-16

Because the Speed (bottom right) is set to 1/16 at the moment, the grid is split into 16 per bar.
You can change these parameters to your liking.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-18

If you want to add notes, click on the pen mark underneath the keyboard and click in the notes you wish to add.
To delete, click on the note you wish to delete with the pen tool on.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-19

The 4 parameters on the bottom left and Roll can be adjusted to each individual note.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-20

You can easily add flam/rolls with the Roll function.
You can even edit the number of rolls, and make small edits to the the nuances you want.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-21

When the Roll function is on, the note will be shown green.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-22

We have a 2 bar pattern shown, but you can also edit the number of bars.
This can be done with the Length function below.

You may also want to copy the pattern you created.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-23

Click on the box underneath the pen tool, and drag and select the area you want to copy.
Right click anywhere and select “Repeat Quarter.”

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-24

By doing so you can easily duplicate a phrase.
Please keep in mind that there are 3 types of copying.

For Repeat 1 ×

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-25

The selected area will be repeated once right after the last note of a phrase.

For Repeat All

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-26

It functions in the same way as Repeat 1 x, but fills the entire length.

For Repeat Quarter

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-27

The phrase will be copied and repeat according to bar/subdivision length.

Saving sounds/patterns

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-28

You can also save the drum sequences and sounds that you created.
“Save Drumkit as” for sounds, and “Save Sequence as” for drum pattern sequences.

Individual outputs for kits

You can use EQ and Compression on individual sounds on your own beats to polish your sounds.
This is done via individual outputs.

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger-29

Click on the MIXER tab and select DRUMS.
The sound are split into individual channels.

By clicking above each channel, Master FX, you can change the output.
After that you can set up the individual outputs in your DAW.

Individual outputs for Softsynths

There are a variety of high quality presets, with very useful sequences on board.
By utilizing individual outputs, you can mix to your preferences too.

Loop it for an entire song, use it to accent a portion, place drums as an rough draft during the song writing process; there are a massive amount of possibilities with this synth.