About EQ (individual knob functions)

Author: sleepfreaks

Understanding the 3 main knob parameters

There are many different EQs on the market from different makers,
but we will take a look at「3 knob」parameters that have the same function across the board.

Understanding these functions are a must for sound design,
so be sure to master them!



↑ As mentioned previously, determining what area between「20Hz (low end) 〜20kHz (high end)」to adjust, is selected with「frequency」.


↑ In the picture above, it is set to the low end「95Hz」.



「Gain」determines「how much of the frequency to cut/boost」.
It is measured in「db (decibels)」, just like a tracks volume.
The picture above is boosted 15.5db.


↑ You can also cut frequencies by lowering the number into the negative range.



↑ 「Q」determines the span of the frequency to cut.
Use this to select a very narrow and specific frequency range to cut, without effecting other areas.


The bigger the number the smaller the span, the smaller the number the wider the span.

Using these 3 knobs in multiple places to edit sound

Most EQs will have these parameter knobs, so use these in conjunction to make edits to sound.


Next, we will look at 3 different types of EQ types!